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Making Home Affordable – Does HARP Make the Cut?

At Real Estate Weekly, we hope that distressed homeowners who have been struggling to keep their mortgage payments current, can get some relief from the retooled refinance plan and get off their diet of Pasta fagioli.  (Italian Peasant Food)

On today’s show we cover the HARP Program and discuss how recent administrative changes are making the program helpful to homeowners where prior efforts have failed.  For more information on the HARP Program look at the government website

To find out if Fannie or Freddie owns your loan try these loan look up tools below:

Head researcher  and editor, Dana, did a lot of diggin’ and callin’ to find lenders willing to participate in the HARP program locally.  Though we do not believe that this list is exhaustive we can tell you it is a good start:

Local bank lenders who made the cut:

Jeff from Wells Fargo, who operates at the main office in St. George (Tabernacle & Main St.).   His number is 674-8003

US Bank- Contact your local branch

State Bank of Southern Utah (SBSU)  They are participating in the HARP program. Their current customers will get preferential treatment in terms of documentation since they already “know” them, but they are happy to sit down with any and all homeowners.

Credit unions, who made the “cut”:

Southwest Credit Union – You can walk in any branch office and ask for a mortgage originator and they will hook you up. They only do loans held by Freddie. They will be able to tell you who owns your mortgage once you contact them.

Deseret First Credit Union – Deseret First will happily assist you in a HARP refinance. You can call Chuck, who handles our area from SLC.  He was kind enough to give us his direct line for listeners to use 801-456-7075

SGI Mortgage – Great lady and so helpful, Debbie Hartman. She can be reached at 674-1090

W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital – Ryan Bolton is the captain of the ship over there and he does every kind of loan under the sun.  His number is 627-0494.

Waiting for real estate’s “Great Pumpkin ?”

We have heard from many news organizations about the “inventory overhang” of foreclosures and with millions more to come is it real or are we waiting for the Great Pumpkin?  Is the threat real or is shadow inventory really just a ghost?   Join Real Estate Weekly to find out on Thursday at 4:30 when Dara and special guest, short sale specialist, Marlene Ritzman discuss Washington County defaults and the research performed by the staff of Real Estate Weekly. Don’t miss this special report-its information you won’t find anywhere else…

Flip this house – Dixie Style!

Join us for the next SUREIA meeting on March 30th, we call it “Flip this House- Dixie Style”!
We are fresh off our rehabbing trip to Jacksonville, FLA, where we spent 4 days refining our rehabbing techniques with our very own real estate coaches, Paul and JD Esajian, stars of A & E’s “Flip this House”.
Where:  Wednesday, March 30th 7:00 PM at the Lexington Hotel and Conference Center (formerly the Holiday Inn) located at 850 S. Bluff Street, Saint George, UT.
See you there.
Brian Lewis
President, Southern Utah Real Estate Investors Association

Never been to a meeting?  We welcome first timers with complimentary admission (a value of $10 per meeting) For more information call me at (435) 668-6745 go to SUREIA.COM or send me an email.